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The starting pistol has sounded and we’re off and running with the 2018 cub season!

Harry has injuries to his face, which we believe may have been caused by an inexperienced mother grabbing him in the process of moving her cubs from a garden cat kennel – where he was abandoned – to wherever she wanted them to go next.

Dawn was similarly abandoned and dropped on school grounds where pupils found her.

Cuckoo was found being circled in a quiet street by five cats, one of which we suspect had kidnapped her from a nearby fox earth. She’s doing well but has an abscessed ear probably caused by a cat claw.

So, 25 cubs in so far and only another 225+ expected over the coming three months.

Thanks to you, we’re able to give these little folk the best – puppy milk you donated from our Amazon Wish list and medication purchased with deposits you’ve made in our FOX FOOD BANK.

By supporting those projects you save the charity around £4,000 per year, so congratulations to you!

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