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Ambulance Driver Vacancy

Please respond by 10th July 2020


It is a rare occasion when a position becomes available to work for The Fox Project.

We are currently looking for a full-time Ambulance Driver with a clean driving license. Are you the person we are looking for? Have a glance at the description of duties that you would be expected to cover and let me know if you are the person who could fill the role by sending a one minute introductory video along-side your CV to:

This is a demanding job where you will cover three 12-hour shifts per week at £10 per hour. Casualty animals will depend on your judgment. Best practice care is our bottom line. You will experience pleasure, joy and elation at your successes and frustration, grief and despondency when things don’t go quite as hoped. You will receive support and training in treatment decisions and practice but being a successful rescuer is not something easily taught. Whilst there are general guidelines, it requires instinct; an agile mind as well as an agile body. Catching a wild animal can be likened to a predator catching prey. It’s split second decision-making and doing whatever is necessary in a specific instant. She/he who hesitates is lost!

It isn’t just about the animals. The successful candidate will need to be people-friendly as well. Our rescue, foster and rehab systems involve a network of unpaid volunteers. They are vital to our work. As is the case in the world in general, they are a complex mix of personalities and you will need to manage them with consideration and courtesy.

You will also be holding the emergency ambulance phone. This may ring continuously throughout your shift and you may find yourself attempting to co-ordinate multiple rescues. These will require careful prioritising, adaptability and pragmatism. Callers are often going to be distressed. You can’t be. They may even be abusive. You can’t respond similarly. You represent a professional organisation that responds in a professional manner at all times.

As you will read into all this, diplomacy is something on which we pride ourselves.

This is a satisfying job. But it’s not a cuddly kitten sanctuary. We’re not rescuing healthy animals. The realism of wildlife rescue is you will be dealing with collapsed animals, broken limbs, open wounds, blood, pus, ticks, fleas, mange mites and maggots. You will be learning to heal animals and you will also witness traumatic end-of-life scenarios.

Ambulance Drivers’ phone duties end at 9pm though calls received beforehand must be completed and any resulting casualties and the treatment unit left in good order for the following driver regardless of additional unpaid time worked.

Does this sound like your idea of a dream job? I look forward to hearing from you.

Sandra Reddy

Mobile Ambulance
(9am-5pm Daily)
01892 731565