The Fox Project is a registered charity dedicated to the Red Fox. Charity no. 1044928

Mobile Ambulance
01892 731565 (9.00am – 9.00pm Daily)
If calling outside these hours, please call the RSPCA on 0300 1234 999

Admin Office
01892 824111
(Monday and Tuesday; 9.00am until Noon.  Wednesday; 2.00pm until 5.00pm.  Thursday and Friday; 9.00am until 3.00pm)

Email (not constantly monitored so please do not leave emergency enquiries)

Address   Broadwater Forest Wildlife Hospital, Fairview Lane, Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN3 9LU

(Charity Registration Address: The Lodge, Kings Toll Road, Pembury, Kent, TN2 4BE)

Our Service

Our rescue catchment area covers a 70 x 60 mile area.  The eastern edge covers the Kent coastline from Isle of Sheppey to the Thames at Woolwich, South London. The western border is based on the A22 between Forest Row, East Sussex and Croydon, Surrey.  Our southernmost points are Charing, Kent and Mayfield, East Sussex and we extend into South London as far as Lewisham, Blackheath and Woolwich.  Apart from the RSPCA, who have nationwide cover (see tel no. above), our ambulance or admin lines may be able to put you in contact with rescue groups outside our area.

Our ambulance service depends on your assistance in providing casualty location and, in some cases, waiting with a casualty until rescuers arrive.  But they will only attend on the basis of accurate information from yourself about the animal’s state.  There is no point our sending an ambulance to an animal you are unable to approach as we can’t get any closer than you and, unless the animal can be cornered, secured or contained, it must be netted ‘on the run’.  It won’t come to hand and you can’t simply put a collar or lead on a wild animal.  In many cases, if an animal is not approachable but is a regular visitor, cage trapping might be the more appropriate option.  But this depends on several factors which take us into both legal and ethical areas and will require you to monitor, bait and set the trap on your own property, advising us as soon as the animal is captured.  You should also be aware we have no right of entry to property without the landowner’s or tenant’s permission and we will not place cage traps on land or property which is accessible to the general public.

Adult fox casualties are always returned to their home territory. We are not in the business of re-locating wild animals.  In fact, we have a standing reward of £1000 – in common with several allied organisations and individuals – for information leading to a conviction under the Animal Welfare Act 2006 for any person who does so, unless it is under carefully controlled circumstances.