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Fox Book - Vix, My Lockdown Friend, by Marion Veal

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This is a beautifully written book which details how the author was helped to deal with the loss of her beloved husband by befriending a wild urban fox that turned up one day in her garden. There are poignant passages which describe the months leading up to her husband’s death but there is also a great deal of joy as she recounts her increasing encounters with the fox which she christens “Vix”. From their first meeting it is clear Vix is in need of help - scarred, suffering from mange and pregnant. The author senses another soul in need of compassion and support and sets out to do what she can. It's the start of a gentle and trusting relationship between fox and human and we follow their interactions across a year blighted by Covid and lockdown. The power of nature to heal is there if we open our hearts and minds.

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