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Legacies And Donations In Memory

Thank You

This page celebrates those who have been a friend to foxes. Who have so kindly remembered us in their Will or whose family and friends have donated in memory of their loved one, so that our work can continue.

We’re always incredibly touched and grateful to receive these legacies and donations.

Legacy and donations in memory

William and Eileen

Ballantine, Colin (remembered by his colleagues at Q-Park)

Beatley, Carol (remembered by Lee)

Beech, Pearl (remembered by her husband Robert and many friends)

Bevent-Cove, Chris

Blake, Ernie (remembered by his neighbour, Kate)

Briggs, Doug

Clarke, Hazel

Cornell, Paul (remembered by Paul Hunter)

Coates, Mary Kathleen

Cooke, Caroline (remembered by Gwyneth Thomas)

Cooper, Enid

Cornell, Paul (remembered by David and Laura)

Corden, Malcolm, (remembered by David, Denise and family

Da Silva, Barbara Jean

Daborn, Marjorie Daphne

Delaney, Diana Jane

Dillon, Esther

Doyle, Karen (remembered by her son Daniel and by Linda, Sue, Caroline, Clive, Jackie, Debbie and many others)

Dunn, Pippa (remembered by her brother Matt)

Eames, Brian Jeffrey and Marjorie Rose

Edwards, Patricia Rosemary Olive

Foord, Christine Anita

Forde, Brian (remembered by his niece Linda)

Fryer, June

Gilliatt, Stephen

Given, Kathy (remembered by her friend Sue)

Gray, Alma

Green, Leonard (remembered by his daughter, Susan)

Gould, Alfred (remembered by his daughter, Carol)

Harrington, Ellen

Hayward, Ronald

Hodges, Doris Joan

Holland, Muriel Jean

Holmes, Doreen Anne (remembered by her daughter, Sarah)

Horne, Angie (remembered by family, friends and all the animals who passed through her care)

Houchin, Ernie (remembered by his wife, Joan, daughter, Cheryl and Fred the fox)

Hubert, Sheila Valerie

Knowles, Hilda

Lepine-Smith, Peter (remembered by Susan)

Lonergan, Christine Edriss May

Majoribanks, Charmaine Evelyne

Manton, Jeanette Audrey

Gardner, Mark Mason

Matthews, Joyce Daphne

Mendham, Ernest James

Mitchell, Brian John

Newman, Farangis (remembered by husband Rodney)

Pearce, Rose Olive

Porch, David (remembered by his family)

Proud, Shirley (remembered by husband Tom, son Tom and daughter Nadine)

|Rendle, Rita Joan (remembered by her daughter, Diane)

Rose, Lois Mary

Rowlan, Joan

Samways, Pamela

Scoble, William

Sears, June (remembered by Sharon)

Skudder, John

Smart, Deborah Ann

Smith, Rachel Betty

Smith, Stella Margaret

Stockley, Joyce Eileen

Taylor, Jean Mary

Thomas, Mary Bernadette

Towler, Mike

Walker, Mick

Walker, Mick (remembered by his sister, Katharine)

Webb, Vera Florence (remembered by her daughter, Sally-Anne)

Whitehead, Peter Raymond (remembered by his brother, Anthony)

Wilkinson, Colin Russell

Williams, Pamela Foster