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Help and advice

We are open daily from 9am to 9pm. For urgent assistance please ring the Ambulance Line. This number should only be used if you have found a sick or injured animal.

Our Wildlife Hospital is based in Paddock Wood. We cover the East Coast of Kent from Medway to Greenwich, South London, with a western border that includes Croydon, Surrey and extending down the A22 to East Grinstead and across to Crowborough, Mayfield and East Sussex.

If you are based outside our catchment area, then please refer to a directory of wildlife rescues throughout the UK.

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Getting in touch

Who do I contact for admin related matters?

Tel: 01892 824111

Admin office opening hours:

Monday and Tuesday 9.00am – Noon

Wednesday: 2pm – 5pm

Thursday and Friday: 9am – 3pm


Who do I contact regarding deterrence?
Who do I contact for patient updates?
How do I contact the Ambulance Line?

The Ambulance line if for emergencies only. They can be reached on 01892 731565.

Who do I contact for non-urgent advice on fox injuries and sickness?

Who do I contact regarding a shop order?

Who do I contact regarding Social Media?

Who do I contact for Media requests?

Who do I contact regarding Legacy and Will matters?

Is the Fox Project open to the public?

As a wildlife hospital dealing with sick, injured and inevitably frightened wild animals, we regret we are unable to admit visitors.

To coordinate dropping off a casualty – please ring the ambulance line on 01892 731565.

Please do not turn up to the admin address - this is not the address of the hospital.

What is the correspondence address for The Fox Project?

This is not for casualties or hospital services.

The Lodge
Kings Toll Road

Help and advice