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Stories & Rescues

Cub Update

🦊 Edith 🌟

Just four weeks ago, Edith was rescued cold, wet, and alone at only a couple of days old. Look at her now!

Edith was very quickly paired up with Echo and Oliver, two other rescued cubs, and she's thriving!

She's grown into a beautiful and lively cub, full of fire and spirit. In fact, she's so feisty that she likes to think she's the boss of the group!

In these four weeks, Edith has tripled in size, her fur has got thicker, her eyes have opened and she has been weaned from the bottle. She's learning important foxy social skills from her companions, playing and exploring her environment with boundless energy.

🦊💖Thank you for all your support in making stories like Edith's possible! ❤️🦊

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Cub Video

Stowie, Willow, Tony, Oscar, and Dinah, have outgrown their indoor hospital enclosure and have recently moved to an outdoor pen! This upgrade is a significant milestone for the rescued cubs as it allows them to experience the wonders of the great outdoors, providing them with a more natural environment to explore, play, and thrive in. The outdoor pen offers them space to roam, investigate new smells, textures, and sights, and develop their natural instincts.

Release Video

Fortuna was released back home, after successfully being treated by The Fox project. Fortuna was sweetly greeted by her cub from last year.