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Work Experience

Work Experience Staff MUST be 18 years of age or over.

The Fox Project welcomes students seeking work experience placements in conjunction with animal care courses they are undertaking. Placements are limited to weekdays only. Commonly, students attend on a specific day each week over a period of several months. Occasionally they are able to book a block placement covering 1 – 3 weeks to achieve their required hours.

Placements are filled rapidly during the winter months for the following spring/summer; therefore students should book early to gain this valuable opportunity.

The work includes cleaning and setting up hospital pens, observations, food preparation, applying medication to food, updating patient chart records, assisting wound cleaning and parasite removal, assisting with veterinary appointments, repair work/ construction of our foster pens, siting humane cage traps, rescuing casualties, transferring patients between fosterers and releasing recovered casualties back to their respective home territories.

Students are also expected to participate in the normal cleaning regimes undertaken by staff and volunteers. Students begin the day at 9am with the duty ambulance driver. Our territory stretches 60 x 70 miles across parts of the South East. Although the ambulance shifts last 12 hours we do not expect students to cover the whole shift, though we do ask for flexibility regarding the end of your shift as casualty rescue calls take priority over a dinner date!

We supply scrubs or plastic aprons, gloves and masks (if required) for the clean out. You should wear sturdy footwear and be prepared with waterproofs. We provide gloves when dealing with pen repairs/ construction.
Full support and training is given, so you don’t need any previous experience, but commitment, and an interest in wildlife and the natural world is essential.

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If the answer is no, would you please make arrangements with your GP to be immunised before commencing work with us.

If you suffer from asthma, have a bronchial complaint, or are in any way allergic to animals (fur, feathers etc.), you may wish to consult your GP before considering an application for voluntary work with us.

Please list previous work experience (if any) and any experience working with animals (domestic or wildlife)