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Perfect Present Gift Certificate (7) - Hay (not just for horses!)

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The perfect gift for yourself, family or friends – helping to care for sick or injured foxes!  Once our cubs start to grow we give them beds of soft, sweet-smelling hay, both inside the cub unit and outside in our foster pens.  Hay also doubles as something to burrow into and something to chew!  It’s warm and absorbent, so that cubs aren’t lying in wet beds. Your gift will buy a bale of hay, and is a great way to support our work!

If you are buying for a friend of family member, please put the name of the recipient in the ‘order notes’ box when you go through Checkout  and we will personalise the card with your name and the name of the recipient.  If you wish to buy more than one certificate for more than one person, please put the names with certificate number in the ‘notes’ box, for example (1) Tom (2) Dick (3) Harry.

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Help us to continue rehabilitating and fostering our foxes for release back into the wild.